Hello and welcome to summer!

The world is changing and so are we. To prepare for the upcoming tax season we are implementing a few changes and we want to ensure that we let you know well in advance.

Many of the changes are focused on moving processes that are currently manual to electronic and are based on industry best practices. Our goal with these changes is to improve accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that we are best meeting the needs of our clients.

The changes are:

  • Office only open for appointment holders
  • Moving to electronically scheduled appointments to meet with Kyle or Josh
  • Engagement letters for the next tax season will be sent via email
  • Implementing electronic tax organizer
  • Electronic submission and delivery of tax documents

Below are more details on the upcoming changes and the timing of the changes.

We appreciate your suggestions and openness that have allowed us to make these changes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Josh or Kyle if you have any questions on the information above.

Thank you!

Johnson & Mohr CPAs

Office Hours - Beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Starting on July 5th, the office will be shifting to appointment only. Studies show that it typically takes 7 emails to get an appointment scheduled and customers are frustrated waiting if they do not have a scheduled appointment. To reduce frustration and simplify the scheduling process, we have implemented a web application called Calendly for scheduling appointments. Appointments can be scheduled with either Kyle or Josh by using the Calendly links below.

Kyle: https://calendly.com/kylejohnsoncpa/in-person-existing-client

Josh: https://calendly.com/joshmohrcpa/in-person-existing-client

The office will only be open for scheduled appointments starting 7/5.

Returns in Process - Current

If you have a return that is either in process to be completed or has been completed, it can be passed along one of three ways:

  • We can drop it in the mail to you (via USPS Priority Mail)
  • We can make it available for you digitally (preferred method)
  • Schedule an appointment and pick it up in the office

There are a few new items that we will be implementing effective July 2022 for the upcoming tax season to ensure the smoothest client experience.

Engagement Letters - Starting July 2022

We will be transitioning to electronic engagement letters for the next tax compliance season. All engagement letters (business, trust, and personal) will be sent electronically to the e-mail address we have on file. They will be sent out no later than July 31, 2022. We request that they are e-signed through the process and back to us no later than September 30, 2022 to reserve your spot to have your 2022 taxes completed next year. They can be signed on your phone, tablet, or computer by clicking on the link.

Upon signature, we are requiring a 50% deposit of your tax prep fees for the following year. Each engagement letter will list our fees for our services as well as what is included at that price.

Tax Organizers - Starting October 2022

Traditionally personal and trust clients have received a paper organizer ahead of their tax preparation in January. These organizers are used in the preparation of your returns. We are transitioning to electronic organizers that can either be completed on your computer (Mac or PC), tablet, or phone.

This change does require you to sign up for a free account through the software service we use called Tax Caddy. In early October we will send out instructions on how to sign up and how to use Tax Caddy.

Tax Return Delivery – Next Tax Season

Starting with the next tax season, all tax return deliverables will be delivered electronically. Personal and trust returns will be delivered through Tax Caddy and will allow for electronic signatures on all Form 8879s for E-Filing.

Business returns will be delivered through Client Portals. If we have not already set you up with a client portal, you will be set up with one before the end of September. You will receive a welcome email once your Portal has been set up. Portal gives you the ability to securely submit your documents to us digitally, as well as receive files from us.

Additionally, we will be adding your last two years of tax returns that we have prepared to your client portal or in Tax Caddy. You will be able to download electronic copies of these returns or view them at your leisure.